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This is a place for FOA members to exchange news, views, and information. Messages are posted by discussion group, then by topic. You participate by "posting" a message to a discussion group. You can also "reply" publicly to a previous posting. Messages are arranged into threads of discussion, so that you can easily read the replies to a particular topic.

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  • Center Operations - Owners can ask and reply to questions about issues related to the day to day operations of the center.
  • SylvanSync & Technology - Owners can share information about any aspect related to center technology.
  • SylvanSync Satellites - Owners can share experiences related to establishing and running successful satellites.
  • Education - Owners can ask and respond to specific education and program related details.
  • Contracts/Institutional - Owners can compare notes on landing and operating various types of institutional contracts.
  • Marketing & Advertising - Owners can discuss aspects of local and national marketing plans.
  • For Sale - Owners can post materials, equipment and business sales.
  • Prometric - Owners can discuss issues related to operating PTCs.
  • 'Because I Said I Would' - Owners can report their ideas to their colleagues and report about their successes.